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    A Circle of Ten, Inc. (C10), a nonprofit agency, has trained and supported leaders
    to multiply partnerships impacting economic development since 1996.

         C10's Network consists of 820+ staff and volunteers from non-profit agencies,
     churches, schools, hospitals, colleges, businesses and towns who have completed  
     the Process of Collaboration workshop and support services to realize their dreams.

    C10 connects people with resources through services, training and support to build
     individual and agency capacity; and through inclusion in regional Initiatives.

For more information or participation in the C10 Network, services and Initiative collaborations,
contact Circle of Ten at 903-541-0013   Fax: 903-541-0014 

circleof10@circleof10.org       NEW Web Site:  www.etvv.org

 Notice of Proprietary Information

The attached information marked Circle of Ten Proprietary Information is provided by A Circle of Ten, Inc. and partners and is shared with the intent to develop partnership projects which further the missions of A Circle of Ten, Inc. and C10 Partners.  Any other use of this information is unauthorized and prohibited.  All materials are Copyrighted.

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